"Resolution" by the Union Patriotique

An excerpt from the Union’s resolution written in 1920. The Union was led by intellectual and political leaders, like Jean Price-Mars, Georges Sylvain, and Sténio Vincent.

Since our experience has revealed the need to reestablish normal political relations between Haiti and the United States,

Since two powers, one native, one foreign, acting simultaneously in the same land is anarchy and cannot continue without serious harm to the Republic of Haiti, which has not consented,

Since it is important to Haitians that we profit from the sympathy and accept the kindness that foreigners, notably those in the United States, have shown to help our nation’s cause, We Haitians who have signed our names below want to assert our faith in the our nation’s future, our devotion to its best interests, and our unwavering commitment to its territorial integrity.

We do solemnly pledge to work in close union and in peace to hasten the time when the Haitian people can resume control over their destiny without any exception, and retake the power to responsibly direct their own affairs with full sovereignty and complete independence.

We are in agreement on a common accord that will help us to achieve our national aspirations…

1. Our association is named the Union Patriotique and all those [in Haiti] who join adhere to the views and aims that we stated above. [The Union] will last until its objective is complete.

2. Our association is represented by a central committee with fifty-five members in Port-au-Prince who [will oversee the Union’s] actions and propaganda. The committee is led by a bureau with 15 members.

3. When there is the opportunity, the Union Patritique’s central committee will meet monthly and in extraordinary circumstances when the bureau deems it necessary. The bureau will always be [active].

4. Our association delegates full power to the committee to develop and implement statutes that will determine its operation. The bureau is responsible for interaction between the Union Patriotique and other local organizations, as well as foreigners who concern themselves with Haiti, to ensure that [they respect] our nation’s best interests. It will employ all practical means and take every measure to achieve this end.


Written and signed in Port-au-Prince on 22 November 1920.

[Signed by] Baussan, F.L. Cauvin, Lespinasse, M. Morpeau, D. Jeannot, Pauléus Sannon, D. Bourand, Georges Sylvain, Ls Ed. Pouget, Léon Nau, Sténio Vincent, C. Rosemond, P. Thoby, Price-Mars, Léon Liautaud, Abel N. Léger, Victor Cauvin, C. Vieux, V. Delbeau, Rigal Clément Lespinasse, Boco, ls. Vieux, Dr. Salomon, F. Viard, Dr. F. Coicou.