"Haiti’s Second Independence" by Sténio Vincent (1874-1959)

An excerpt from the Act of the Second Independence (1934) signed by President Vincent.

In the name of the Haitian people for whom this morning I am the interpreter and the authorized agent—before the three branches of government united in the same patriotic faith to solemnly mark a new start to this country’s history, one founded on a new and compelling national order—in the presence of the representatives of friendly powers who witness our efforts, our achievements, and our hopes—on behalf of all those who piously died for the Haitian nation—in the name of all our great ancestors who one hundred and thirty years ago built this country in the chaos of bullets and shrapnel and for whom the shadows of August now rest hovering above us at this unique moment when our heartfelt crowd has gathered—on behalf of future generations who will pass the torch of the nation and who will embark on this uphill but uninterrupted course toward human progress, justice, and truth to light the path for our future—I am happy and proud to raise our red and blue flag above the Casernes Dessalines which symbolizes our nation’s long and painful ordeal.

It rises forever in the full light of our sky and is now the respected emblem of a small nation with the will to live like all normal and well organized societies, which is to say in the freedom of order and labor under the salutary auspices of public peace!

Vive Haïti indépendante!

Signed by President Sténio Vincent

Dated 21 August 1934